UG Program (B.Sc in CSE)

Undergraduate Program

Currently the Department of CSE offers B.Sc. degree in the following area

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering primarily involves the study of a number of core courses, which every CSE graduate should know, and a significant number of courses from specialized areas. Core courses build the foundation and specialized courses prepare the students for the specific areas of Computer Science and Engineering. To understand the underpinning theory of the courses of Computer Science and Engineering, a number of courses on Mathematics and Basic Science have been felt mandatory to be included in the syllabus. In addition, some social science, management, accounting, economics, and communication-skills development related courses have been incorporated to make the syllabus a balanced and reasonably complete one. The objective of this undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering is to develop skilled and competent graduates to meet the current and future needs at home and abroad.

The B.Sc. in CSE degree requirements will be as follows:

  1. Completion of 136.0 credit hours
  2. Completion of the project with at least a ‘C’ grade
  3. Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.0.