Undergraduate Projects

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No. of Students

Project Topic


01 4 Enhancing Performance of a Decision Tree by Reducing Training Instances and number of attributes Dr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahaman
02 3 Hill climbing search through the attribute Space to reduce the record load of Naive Baichin classifier Dr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahaman
03 3 Development of a Bangla decision tree for bengali character recognition Dr. Hasan Sarwar
04 3 Development of Tele-consultancy System and Grade Prediction of student Dr. Hasan Sarwar
05 4 Medical Diagnosis Using Machine Learning Tools Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda
06 4 Bangla traffic instruction detection and translation Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda
07 2 Stochastic local Search for Pattern Set Mining Dr. Swakkhar Shatabda
08 3 Amader School Mr. Suman Ahmmed
09 3 Music Networking site : ShoutVolt Md. Faisal Kabir
10 4 Bangla Optical Character Recognition Dr Hasan Sarwar
11 3 Educational Data Mining: A Mining Model for developing Student’s Programming Skills Dr. Dewan Md. Farid
12 3 A Decision Support System for Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh Md. Mamun Elahi
13 4 Cost Effective Approach for Reducing Road Traffic Congestion Md. Mamun Elahi