Publication Success of BSCSE Students and Faculty members in IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP) 2020

Publish Date : 28th April, 2020

Students and faculty members of CSE Dept. have successfully got their papers accepted for publication in IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP) 2020. Tensymp is one of the foremost venues in the region 10 of IEEE and its proceedings from the previous years are all indexed by Scopus indexing service. Note that in total 15 papers are accepted in this venue from Dept of CSE this year. Most of these papers are outcomes of FYDP and other course projects.

 Here is a full list of the accepted papers with authors names:

  1. A New Classification Technique: Random Weighted LSTM (RWL), Authors: Abdur Rahman Al Abir, Abu Sadat Al Rafi, Tanvir Ahmed Rajib, Tauhidur Rahman, Muhayminul Islam, and Md. Saddam Hossain Mukta
  2. EMG Controlled Bionic Robotic Arm using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Authors: Farhan Fuad Rupom and Md. Motaharul Islam
  3. An Algorithmic Approach to Driver Drowsiness Detection for Ensuring Safety in an Autonomous Car, Authors: Ibna Kowsar and Md. Motaharul Islam 
  4. Design and Implementation of a Smart Bike Accident Detection System, Authors: Mekhala Maryam and Md. Motaharul Islam
  5. Analyzing Multicast Routing Algorithms on Software Defined Network, Authors: Sabila Nawshin, Sarah Ahsin, Iffat Jahan, Rabaya Jalal Moon, A.K.M. Mazharul Haque, Nasif Muslim and Salekul Islam
  6. Developing an IoT Networks-based Testbed for Software-Defined Networks, Authors: Syed Adib Arman, Md. Mahfujur Rahman, Syeda Fabliha Rahman, Nazia Urmi, Progya Paromita Urmee, Nasif Muslim and Salekul Islam
  7. Synthetic Error Dataset Generation Mimicking Bengali Writing Pattern, Authors:  Md. Habibur Rahman Sifat, Chowdhury Rafeed Rahman, Mohammad Rafsan and Md. Hasibur Rahman
  8. “Closed Domain Bangla Extrinsic Monolingual Plagiarism Detection and Corpus Creation Approach” Authors: Adil Ahnaf, Shadhin Saha, Nahid Hossain
  9. “Multiclass Classification for Bangla News Tags with Parallel CNN Using Word Level Data Augmentation” Authors: Ruhul Amin, Nabila Sabrin Sworna, Nahid Hossain
  10. “A Comprehensive Dialect Conversion Approach from Chittagonian to Standard Bangla” Authors: Hafizur Rahman Milon, Sheikh Nasir Uddin Sabbir, Azfar Inan, Nahid Hossain
  11. “Upoma: A Dynamic Online Price Comparison Tool for Bangladeshi E-commerce Websites” Authors: Ashraful Alam, Atqiya Abida Anjum, Fahmid Shafath Tasin,Mizanur Rahman Reyad, Sadia Afrin, Nahid Hossain
  12. Design of a Smart Gateway for Edge Enabled IoT Applications, Authors: Azim Uddin Chowdhury and Mohammad Mamun Elahi
  13. Incremental Decision Trees for Prediction of Adenosine to Inosine RNA Editing Sites, Authors: Alif Choyon, Ashiqur Rahman, Md. Hasanuzzaman and Swakkhar Shatabda
  14. Native Vehicles Classification on Bangladeshi Roads Using CNN with Transfer Learning, Authors: Shaira Tabassum, Md. Sabbir Ullah, Nakib Hossain Al-Nur and Swakkhar Shatabda
  15. Enhanced Prediction of Lysine Propionylation Sites using Bi-peptide Evolutionary Features Resolving Data Imbalance, Authors: Md Wakil Ahmed, Md. Easin Arafat, S. M. Shovan, Mahtab Uddin, Omar Faruk Osama and Swakkhar Shatabda
  16. “Improved Identification Performance of Lysine Glycation PTM using PSI-BLAST”, Authors:  Husnul Abid, Nusrat Jahan Jenny and S.M. Shovan
  17. Intregration of Home Assistance with a Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm, Sadaf Meem, Md Ifraham Iqbal  and Amit ghosh