Blockchain – The Coming Revolution

Publish Date : 19th March, 2022

UIU App Forum is arranging the “Blockchain – The Coming Revolution ” seminar. This will be an hour-long seminar on Blockchain technology. We are lucky to have MD Ashraful Kabir sir through Bizstring Limited as our honorable speaker who is a blockchain specialist. As we all know, Blockchain Olympiad will be held on 22nd May. UIU App forum has organized this seminar to give an idea about blockchain among the students.
The purpose of this seminar is to give students a brief overview of Blockchain from scratch. Students will learn about what blockchain is and what it is used for. This seminar is open for all students of UIU and is completely free of cost. All students of UIU are welcome to join our seminar.
Date: 19 March 2022
Time: 8 PM (BD Time)
Platform: Facebook LIVE from UIU App Forum page.
MD. Ashraful Kabir
Real Estate Finance Specialist,
CIBC Bank, Canada
Blockchain & Fintech Consultant,
Servio Canada Ltd.
Founder and Chairman,
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