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Success Stories From Students




Mohammad Hasan Shaharear, Senior Database Engineer, Therap (BD) Ltd

Mohammad Hasan Shaharear,
Senior Database Engineer,
Therap (BD) Ltd

“It was a complete unknown territory for me when I admitted to BSCSE of UIU in 2003. In fact, I had never operate a computer before. Initially I was a bit exited as well as scared.  Though I had tough time in the beginning, gradually I became familiar with logic of computing and programming languages. With the course of time, I had start enjoying different courses. The excellent blend of theories and hands-on labs made this happen. With their dedications and experience the knowledgeable teachers inspired me to strive for excellence. In a word, CSE department gave me a ideal environment by combining excellent faculty members, study resources and lab facilities to transform myself. Besides curricular works, CSE department  creates several scopes to enlighten our selves through participating in programming contests, software festivals, workshops, training programs and internships. These confidence boosting programs helped me a lot to get ready for the IT industry. After graduating in 2007, I had joined as a junior Database Engineer to Therap (BD) Ltd, one of the leading multinational IT companies in Bangladesh.

After two and half years latter, I came back to UIU for studying MSCSE.  It’s a toiling task to study while doing a full time job. But the choice, once again, paid me off in bigger way. I was selected to complete my post graduation degree in Staffordshire University, UK sponsored by e-LINK project in 2009. When I rejoined to Therap (BD) Ltd, a foreign degree on ‘Data Mining’ contributes in numerous way to strengthen my professional career. As a Senior Database Engineer, I am currently leading a Business Intelligence (BI) project.

It was a tough decision to get enrolled to a unknown subject in a newly started private university. Thanks to Allah that I had made that choice. I believe, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I also like to thank my parents, UIU management, respected teachers, staffs and friends to support me in all the ways. Without them, the story could have been different. I hope the department of CSE of UIU will continue its journey for excellence and transforming students to build a better Bangladesh.”




foysal ahmed

Foysal Ahamed,
Software Engineer,
TigerIT Bangladesh Limited

I still remember the day I first stepped into the UIU campus. I really did not know what kind of career path I would choose. Two weeks into the SPL (Structured Programming Language) course, I discovered something that was driving me, something amazing happened and finally I found myself in a position where I knew what I was going to do. Dr. Hasan Sarwar, Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda, and Dr. Muhammad Monzurur Rahman some of the faculties I respected most always tried to push me to be my very best and showed what I could really accomplish. It was the small class size and personal interest that the professors take in their students that allows anyone to strive to be what they want to be.

The critical philosophy in UIU’s computer science program that has helped me the most over time was the push to understand the problem rather than to just solve it. Our professors showed us just how important the theories of computer science are in solving problems. These problem-solving skills are something that have changed how I address an issue and something I still use today.

I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. After graduation, I was offered a lucrative job to be a software engineer at TigerIT Bangladesh Limited, a software and service manufacturer for various government projects. I gladly accepted the offer and have been serving the company since then. I have made a career working in some large-scale government projects (TigerIT) and I am really enjoying my work. Development, thorough testing, and documentation are some of the skills I learned in my undergraduate classes that I have taken to the workplace.

I was also a member of the UIU Computer Club (UIUCCL) for three years where we’ve always practiced team work, dedication and proper time management between academic and extra-curricular activities. UIUCCL has remained a big part of my life to this day, and I highly recommend joining the UIUCCL or any campus activities/sports.

Whenever I’ve walked in to an interview, I have been proud of my degree from United International University. My Computer Science degree has given me the confidence and motivation to excel at any job I put my mind to. I am pursuing Master of Computer Science at United International University to help me advance my career even further.



Kamrul Islam Shahin, Programmer, Big Web Technologies Limited

Kamrul Islam Shahin,
Big Web Technologies

It’s still like a dream. The day I accomplished my goal by finishing my studies, all the struggles of the past years seemed nothing. My hard work showed its result finally. When I started my educational journey with United International University (UIU), the path seemed dark, confusing and quite uncertain. I never thought that it would turn into such bright result. I really didn’t know where I was going. The starting was quite shaky. I clearly remember how strongly I was traumatized when I got my first semester result. My CGPA was only 1.64 back then!! I got totally baffled and was wondering whether it was a wrong decision to join UIU. One of my friends, who scored same CGPA as I did, panicked and strongly advised me to switch to another institution with him. I got more confused and was really thinking of leaving that university. Right at that moment another friend advised something different. He guided me to understand the true essence of the institution, its rules and regulations, its method and so on. I gave a deep thought and took a new starting. The moment I started understanding my institution everything changed magically and guess what, later I ended up with a CGPA of 3.90 in my last semester! I still appreciate my decision a lot because of my success today.

I decided to choose this university because of its reputation and also to achieve my career goals. This university offers a good academic environment, extra ordinary faculties, lab facilities as well as a remarkable library and sport facilities. The best thing about UIU is the number of additional opportunities available over here. Student gets different ways to go abroad for study, research, opportunities to participate in different national and international competition, opportunities to concern with many clubs along with social activities and a beautiful smoke free campus.

My teachers helped me a lot during my under grade studies. I truly appreciate them for the information and advice I have obtained from them. Their expertise and assistance have been invaluable during that period. This university prepared me to face any kind challenge I would be facing within the software industry. I am glad that I have got my current job from my first viva. The experience that I have obtained from the classes and lab-projects is now helping me a lot when I am performing as a programmer in real life projects. At present I am working as a programmer in a reputed software company and simultaneously I am doing my MSc in CSE in this university as well.

I count myself lucky that I am a part of this university. As a MSc student I could relate my BSc courses as they are extremely useful in my current degree.

I always wanted to be a good and successful programmer and I would not be where I am today without the help of Allah-Subhana-Watala and my qualifications that I have obtained from this university. I strongly recommend my junior students to study at United International University for their higher studies. I guarantee them that they will never complain or regret to be a part of this wonderful institute. I wish them all the best for their future.